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If that was my pencil, I'd still be using it as a nub.

Nice, love the subtle bits of animation and atmosphere. Audio (music / voice) sounds nice as well. Heck yeah!

AntonM responds:

hey thanks Lapse! glad you like it man


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That lvl select music. So gewd.
Nice game so far. I like the subtle references to other classic games in the beginning lvl (mario pipe? and a "headhog" hallway you can go to). I like the lvl designs and locations as well. Them Backgrounds are vast and encompassing. This would be cool on like...the 3DS or something :D

So much potential. Little oversights make these game unnecessarily tedious. I think most people have summed up what I'd say about the game.

Really interesting game. I could see this being a bigger experience. It made me recall upon, heavily, the game for Gamecube, "Eternal Darkness". With is random events, and things playing on your psyche. For one, you gave me an emotional response to the game, which was great. I really felt unnerved by it. I had chills as the days wore on. So, good job on that. It's been a while since i've had any games do that for me. It would've been nice if the map was a bit bigger, and you could head out to the right of your home. There was a fairly big bug of the time system freezing - I have Flash Player updated as well. Overall, interesting experience - I look forward to your future games that are similar.

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Cool tune, liked your sample use and the applause ending bit at 1:13. Post moooore. :)

damn dude.

Such good vibes in this. Them breaks towards the end man, Mmmm!

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look'et that strut. So chic.

I see hollow knight, and I click. Pretty good for a QP. Good pose/color. I'd love to see you do a fully realized and crisper version of the Knight. The Zote one was great. The way it is now inspires a lot of movement movement. He dashing away from one of them infected/exploding enemies?

cyangorilla responds:

Thanks, yeah I'm trying to focus more on nice value structures and compositions instead of rendering too much. I have so many issues with old pieces where I really hate how they look in thumbnail form that I don't really bother checking if the edges were nice, so I'm forcing myself to work on tighter timing (this one was right under 2hs). So, as soon as I find that eye for clearer compositions I'll focus on getting them looking all pretty :D

He is dashing away from an exploding enemy, I love the palette of the game once you beat the Broken Vessel

Spike looks a bit off. Others look pretty great.

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