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Mutant from the primordial ooze, performing on the streets of the internet. I will be forgotten by time. Use me up.

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Lapse's News

Posted by Lapse - April 9th, 2018


>> http://lapse.bandcamp.com/yum << 

- tf6x-gng7
- fzrz-ymf4
- l2mu-7zem
- cv8v-v6fg
- umy7-j2gf

Free codes.

"A Cure for Consciousness"
$7 - 21 Tracks + 2 Bonus. ~2 hours






Posted by Lapse - May 1st, 2017

  New Vid: Old Probe  



Is there anyone still here?


Posted by Lapse - April 17th, 2016



Virtual Human for your digital needs.™






[ L A P S E ]® | S O U N D Co. Ltd. Inc.

V I R T U A L   S A T I S F A C T I O N .

Posted by Lapse - March 24th, 2016


 All footage I captured from the ISS and it's live-stream cameras. Heavy use of video from the dark-side of the Earth which shows off the South Atlantic Anomaly. The area is exposed to heavy radiation. You can see flickers of particles buzzing around on camera. It's mesmerizing and relaxing to me. It's like shutting tight your eyes, and focusing on the phosphenes moving about; or like sinking slowly to the abyssal planes of the ocean. I thought it was pretty damn cool.  

Enjoy & thanks for watching

Posted by Lapse - April 23rd, 2014


I'll be releasing the soundtrack for my friends game FarSky

You'll be able to find it on my BandCamp this Friday!

You can hear a few tracks early on my Soundcloud

The game will be releasing on steam as well (it was greenlit!). The soundtrack will also be be available on Steam at a later date.



Posted by Lapse - January 13th, 2014

It's been a long time coming. .

4 Tracks (+1 extended bonus track)

The 3 main tracks are a few years old and I just never released them.

(They took to so long to finish, caused me quite the trouble, and I ha<3te them. )

It's heavily awash with sharp reverberated chiptune melodies and is a bit subdued in my more guitar based stuff.

You can find it at my:


(Which is pretty lifeless at the moment)








Posted by Lapse - December 5th, 2013


I have been out of comission for quite a bit. I lost my laptop and all the things on it. Fucking drinks, man. Drinks + Guitars + Electronics + 0 coordination = NO.

But! I've been born anew!


An old roommate and friend of mine, Tim... who was here in Chicago for school is currently developing a game all by his very lonesome over in Francey-pants and he has asked me to do the music for it.  I couldn't be more pleased!


Farcry, crytek, blah blah, yeah yeah, move along.

The early Beta releases tomorrow. So get your hands on it, as it is free right now. If you like it, keep following it, it's only going to get better. Tell your buds! Pass it 'round. Share the spice. We can use all the help we can get. I'm out of legitimate work right now and all (pity-plea-party-please). I'm a degenerate.


...That's about it. I've got two tracks shaped up and working on plenty more. I'm also going to post something unrelated in a few seconds to NG. Nothing too great, just some random stuff I have been messing with since I've gotten my "studio" set-up and back in tip-top.


(The potatoes are a little in-joke between Tim and I!)

If you have nothing better to do, I guess you can watch these LP'ers (or go download it yourself...it's quick)







As always, thanks for reading, listening, and giving support. Now I'll try and work on this soundtrack if I don't get too side-tracked by the release of STARBOUND. OP time wasting commence.


Posted by Lapse - November 23rd, 2012

Hello listeners. I now have ear and eye candy for you. Stuff it in your respective and deserving face holes.

If you like this, help me out by passing it around!

The Dance (Origins: 1890's):

"The Serpentine is an evolution of the skirt dance, a form of burlesque dance that had recently arrived in the United States from England. Skirt dancing was itself a reaction against "academic" forms of ballet, incorporating tamed-down versions of folk and popular dances like the can-can."

"The new dance was originated by Loïe Fuller, who gave varying accounts of how she developed it. By her own account, which is widely reported, having never danced professionally before, she accidentally discovered the effects of stage light cast from different angles on the gauze fabric of a costume she had hastily assembled for her performance in the play Quack M.D., and spontaneously developed the new form in response to the audience's enthusiastic reaction upon seeing the way her skirt appeared in the lights. During the dance she held her long skirt in her hands, and waved it around, revealing her form inside" - From Wiki

Posted by Lapse - October 27th, 2012

Here it is folks: Nueva Forma: Social Club Vol. 1

Worldly goods don't get too much more awesome than this. My label has really out done themselves! It's my pleasure to present this beautiful beast which features a new track by, yours truly - as well as 24 other artists. There was a total of 100 and now we're down to 70.

"Yeah, cassette tapes are cool and charming and nostalgic and all that, but here at Nueva Forma, we're all about the future. So we're releasing a limited edition walnut wood-block USB compilation with a lose-proof matching magnetic cap and laser engraved logo."

"There was a slight delay in launch, but... without further ado, Ladies & Gentlemen, we present you with our first official Nueva Forma, limited edition, custom laser engraved walnut-USB label compilation (gawd, that was a mouthful). Get it! As there's only 70 left. And once they're gone, they're gone for good!" »

Featuring: Datahowler, A Gap Between, The Bear and The Sea, Dead Astronauts, The Great Mundane, Big Spider's Back, IG88, cars & trains, Little Star Dweller, Ganucheau, Gouseion, Lapse, Iameb 57, 57 Shadows, Masmöd, Creta, Miori, Cowardly Lion, Recue, Night Heat, Underwater Seacreatures, Del Dot, Pinscape, Péninsolar, and wndfrm

 Social Club Vol. 1 USB Compilation Release!

Posted by Lapse - October 13th, 2012


The Transmuter

Oh, and Tom changed my NG handle AloysiusRexford... to it's rightful name: Lapse

Just posted my 100th song to Newgrounds!